Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swim Team

After much deliberation on my part, we finally decided to give swim team a try this year. I knew it would be a lot of running around for me but knew that the kids would benefit from the confidence and endurance that swim team would provide. And they were both dying to do swim team. So far, so good!  I can see how it will be a lot of fun when everyone is a little older but right now, meets are a little crazy with the little ones. 

Before their first meet

Avery swam breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle, and 2 relays at the first meet. She did really well. Avery is a perfectionist so she has really been working on her form and learning how to correctly do butterfly and breast stroke. 

Griffin swam freestyle and backstroke at his first meet. During practice, he stops and grabs the rope constantly so I thought he wasn't going to do well and wasn't sure he would even make it down the lane....but he has proved me wrong - this dude is as fast in the water as he is on land!!

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