Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Avery's 8th Birthday

How is it that our firstborn is turning 8???  

Well, I know its hard to imagine, but Avery wanted to have an American Girl birthday party this year. She invited a few friends (and their dolls) over to the house for crafts, games, pizza, and cupcakes. 

Their first craft was to make tutus for their dolls. We cut rolls of different colored toole up and I sewed elastic bands into circles. Then the girls could used whatever color combo they wanted as they made their tutus.  We also made and decorated treasure boxes. 

We had pizza, fruit kabobs, and watermelon cut into stars...Claire, Emily, Carson, Avery, Skylar, and Deeley....I should mention that Brent got really sick the night before so he was confined to our room and couldn't even enjoy the party!  I called Miss Jessie in for reinforcements though!!

and the doll table, of course

the boys

spontaneous "cheers" from the girls

Singing Happy Birthday

Playing American Girl Bingo - printed from online and using hersey kisses as their chips - the kids LOVED playing! 

even this guy played

and the birthday girl on her big day...(and the kids just learned the term "photo bomb")

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  1. Oh my word, that is so adorable! What a fun party!