Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Swim Team

We finished up our first swim team season on Monday night. I am so glad I took the plunge and let the kids participate this summer. It has been so good for both confidence and endurance....and it was easier on me than I anticipated. Don't get me wrong, the little guys made swim meets a challenge but we made it work. The big kids loved it, it was great exercise, and great for building friendships. 

I typically cook dinner most nights....but I feel like we have had pizza, hotdogs, juice, and candy for dinner a lot this summer! 

At most of the meets, Griffin swam back stroke and free style in the 6 and under age group and breast stroke in the 8 and under. Turns out, he is as fast in the water as he is on dry land. Who knew. And also as unpredictable - in the division meet, his freestyle turned into a corkscrew and he turned circles all the way down the lane!  Brent and I just laughed as we watched!

 winning medals and ribbons was a big deal for this little guy!

 And it turns out, sharpies are a big part of swim team as well!

 Avery and her friends played lots of new card games while waiting for their events. Griffin and his friends played electronics. Go figure!

 oh, pizza again....

 getting ready to go

Avery ended up swimming butterfly and the IM in  most of the meets, in addition to 2 relays. We were so proud - our team had very few girls that swam the IM (4 laps, one of each stroke). And at the divisional and all star meets, she cut her time by over 30 seconds. 

Sunday night was the Division 2 meet. Each swimmer could swim 2 individual events. Griff swam back and free. Avery swam butterfly and IM. They did great and made the cut for the regions Allstar meet on Monday night. 
 Griff's freestyle at divisionals

 Second place in his heat! 

 And avery's IM - that's her swimming in the 2nd lane

And here's Griff's backstroke

and we are done!!

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