Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

Its back to school for this rowdy bunch!  We had a great summer. We spent countless hours at the pool. We traveled to the beach, Mobile, the cabin, and Smith Lake. We spent time with our families. We did Bible school and camps and play dates. We slept in (its relative!) and stayed up late. Kids went without baths for way to long. It was a great summer...

But now, this OCD mother gets to put life back in order!! I get a little giddy when I get my calendar out and PLAN! I love the organization and schedule that comes with a new school year. Don't get me wrong, when summer rolls around I am always ready for a break from the routine...but I work best with schedules. 

 So this young lady turned 8 this summer and is starting third grade at Stevens Creek Elementary. Her teacher is Mrs. Burton. After school activities for her - gymnastics pre team twice a week; soccer once a week for 7 weeks this fall; and Relay mother/daughter Bible study once a month. 

 My big kids!!

And this handsome boy is quickly approaching 7 years old and is starting first grade! He is also at Stevens Creek and his teacher is Mrs. McMahan. He will be doing whatever sport is in season (soccer, basketball, and baseball) and is really interested in starting Boy Scouts this year. 

 The Toothless Wonder (AKA Graham) is a whopping 4 years old and started pre-K 3 days/week at FBC Augusta. He has Mrs. Maddox as his teacher. Graham is taking a Thursday morning gymnastics class again this year and is thrilled to death that he is old enough to play soccer this fall!

 the littles!

 This little wild thing is very much a 2 year old!  She is going to MDO on Wednesday and Friday mornings at FBC Augusta. Mrs Susan and Mrs Lori are her teachers. Her after school activity is driving around in mommy's taxi cab, making sure everyone gets to where they need to be!

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