Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Kick off

Another soccer season has begun for the Parnell family...and this year, we have a new player!  Graham has really been looking forward to being able to play soccer now. Today was their first games and everyone did great and loved it. 

 The Graham-ster, pregame. He was actually a little nervous and asked me a ton of questions about soccer rules on the way there. 

 Graham did way better than I anticipated - he knew which way to go, he went after the ball, and was pretty aggressive. He seemed to understand the concept of the game better than the older 2 during their first soccer season. I guess all those years watching Avery and Griffin play taught him something!  (note the tongue sticking out of grahams mouth. it helps him concentrate!)

 And the Griff-ster...

 I am pretty sure that soccer is going to be this guys "thing." He loves it, he is really good at it, and he is super fast. Just look at his game face here!

 He is awesome at defense - he is so fast that he can get ahead of the ball and steal it almost every time. 

 and miss avery brooke. 

avery has the parnell "tongue" gene too!

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  1. I wish I could see them play! Oh wait, I might be taking them all!