Thursday, February 12, 2009

15 months

Dear Griffy -

you are 15 months old already! where have the days gone? We had your MD apt today and you weigh 23 lbs, 5 oz and are 30 1/4 inches long. both measurements are around the 30 percentile but your big ole noggin is close to the 97th!!! Dr. Cooley was impressed with your mischievous smile and your wild self as your ran around the room. she also promised not to turn me in for all the bruises and the scrape on your forehead. (while on the subject of the MD visit, I must add that Avery begged both the doctor and the nurse for a SHOT - a bandaid didn't cut it, she wanted a shot too!)

you are such a sweet boy but very wild. you love to climb on any and everything. i have walked into the room numerous times to find you standing on top of the little choo choo or in avery's shopping cart. thankfully you can't shimmy into chairs or the couch yet. you continue to keep a bruised forehead and have at least 1 good fall a day. I am thankful that your wild side is balanced out by a lovey side. you love to cuddle when you wake up for 5-10 minutes before doing anything. and you "check in" with me throughout the day by running to me and offering a hug and a very loud kiss, then returning to whatever you were playing with. i'm glad you are a snuggle bug!

you have finally started waving "bye-bye" and blowing kisses but are still not saying anything in english! you'll repeat things on occasion but overall, your vocab consists of mama, dada, hi/hey and "ba" (ball). you absolutely love your sister and think that anything she does is hysterical. you play well with each other (a lot of the time) and have started making up games together. your latest trick is to grab something of avery's and take off running, looking over your shoulder and laughing as she chases you! too funny!

you are a joy in our lives wild man! we love you...

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  1. Aeneas was sick this week so we went to the Dr. too. Since it wasn't an official checkup, they just weighed him with all of his clothes on and a sopping wet diaper to top it off and he's...22lbs! I knew Addison had taken him in weight this summer and Greenlee was about the same at Thanksgiving although she had him in height by a bit. But I wasn't expecting Griffin to catch him before his 2nd birthday! What a shrimp! It's gonna be so much fun seeing y'all in another few weeks!