Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blueberry Pickin'

Brent had a long weekend over the 4th so we took the kids blueberry picking one morning - Brent grew up picking blueberries but I had never been. We pulled up to the "farm" and there were about 40 cars in the field - but they had a couple hundred bushes so there were enough berries for all!

We ended up getting almost 5 pounds picked before the kids had had enough. They both enjoyed it and picked a lot themselves...we did end up with a few green berries hidden in our bucket - thank you griffin!

Griffin also learned early on that they were edible so he put as many in his mouth as he did the bucket!


  1. i can't believe how pretty avery's hair has become! what a big girl! looks like loads of fun at your house! hey, i'll be in raleigh this year for an ACSI convention and i want to see y'all! i'll let you know when it gets closer.