Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Party

We hosted the Easter party for our playgroup today. (I know I'm insane - 36 weeks pregnant, 3 cm. dilated, and entertaining!) But all went well and I didn't go into labor! We had a huge group - much larger than normal - almost 30 people. Thankfully the weather is beautiful so we were able to spread out and be outside.

We had an egg hunt for the kids and then just let them run wild. They enjoyed the sandbox, swings, bubbles, and coloring Easter pictures. and of course the girls had their share of playing princess dress up and mommy/baby...

Thank to those of you who brought eggs to hide, helped with the food, and cleaned up before leaving...we had a blast!


  1. wow. you are amazing. and insane.

  2. You are Wonder Women Merritt! Nothing seems to slow you down. The whole family will be busy in April in years to come. I have a feeling we will have 4 family b-days this year plus Easter all in one month. Am I missing anyone else with an April B-Day in the McBrayer Family outside of Hannah and Aeneas?

  3. i think pooks has an april bday - sometime around the end of the month...

  4. omg. you are insane mer mer! your freakin prego!!!! looks like they had a great time though :)