Monday, April 19, 2010

Planting Flowers and Mulching

Big Daddy is a busy body and just can't sit he's been working on projects ever since he arrived! He's fixed locks, lights, and the yard! Today, he and the kids planted some verbena (where ours had previously died) and then they spread mulch. The kids love being outside and "helping" or "working" on projects.

Avery digging her plant a hole

Griffin digging a spot for his plant
Big Daddy giving a lesson in planting
Avery's turn

Watering all the new plants after mulching


  1. Avery looks like such a big girl in this picture! I can't believe she is almost 4! Glad you have Big Daddy there. He's wonderful.

  2. awesome. glad you are doing NORMAL activities haha! just kidding.

  3. Love all the flowers! Avery and Griffin are doing a great job planting flowers! You too, Big Daddy!!