Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Since we've been married, Brent and I have rarely (maybe once?) spent a holiday with just ourselves...guess that's been a benefit of living a little closer to our families....but since I am very pregnant, we stayed here and just spent the weekend with the four of us. Despite the periods of contracting, its been very enjoyable!

We went to one of the Saturday night services at our church to leave room for visitors in the Sunday services. It was a much smaller group to worship with and we really enjoyed it. They did baptisms immediately following the service so we got the kids out of their classes and let them come outside to watch. They really got into it!

This morning Brent and Griffin cut the grass and worked in the yard. And of course we did Easter baskets with the kids.

Around 10:00, we headed to Duke Gardens so that we could spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather. The kids enjoyed feeding the ducks, geese, and catfish...then we walked around for a while and scouted out the gardens. We found a big field with a small pond and lots of space to run wild so we stopped there and had a picnic lunch. We took a few balls and burned as much energy as possible before heading home.

feeding the ducks and catfish
brother and sisterly love!

Griffin and Mommy

Daddy and Avery


  1. Love the pictures! A beautiful day for a time in the gardens and by the lake. Happy Easter!!

  2. your family is so gorgeous and beautiful merritt. you are so blessed with your three wonderful kids. hope the pregnancy is going well :) HAPPY EASTER, we had a memorial service for Jim's wife, Jan, today.

  3. It's like a picture of Merritt with Griffin and then another picture of Merritt with Griffin. One she just looks a lot younger. So Leland is here. How many days until Graham's arrival?!? Soon I bet.