Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 6 Months Graham!


My baby boy is 6 months old! (yes, this post is about 2 weeks late but we just had his doctor appointment this week...) How can it be?
He has continued to be a really relaxed and go-with-the flow baby, crying mainly when he is overly tired. He has been teething the past 2-3 weeks so he's been a little out of sorts - but one bottom tooth popped through on Monday and the other should be through in the next few days.
So far so good with eating...still nursing well and tolerates a bottle when needed. He didn't really care for rice cereal and pears aren't his favorite, but he's willingly eaten everything else I've offered.
He has become a great napper - normally sleeps for about 1.5-2 hours in the morning and about 2.5 hours in the afternoon. The past week has brought great progress in the night time sleeping department! I finally broke down and did some sleep training last weekend. (this is a new thing for me because the other 2 learned to sleep by themselves...) He is now sleeping from about 7 or 7:30 until 5 without fussing...and then he cries out a time or 2 before falling back asleep.
His favorite activity is the johnny jump-up thing. He goes to town in that thing!! He also still really likes the exersaucer - probably because he's upright and because he can see what it going on. He likes to roll around on the floor too - but gets ticked off after being on his belly for too long. (he then screams - why he doesn't just roll back over is beyond me!) He has started doing the "inch bug" - while laying on his belly, he puts his head down and scoots forward. He can sit up by himself - until he tips to the side or back! He's almost there though!
His laryngomalacia has him breathing louder than ever these days...Brent and I affectionately call him Darth Vader! Supposedly, the loud breathing peaks between 4-8 months and then slowly subsides....we'll see!
At his well-baby checkup, Dr. Cooley said everything looked great. He weighed in at 16 lbs, 11 oz which is 25 %...and he was 26.5 inches long, around the he's long and lean! And he has inherited the "McBrayer Head" - 97%!!!

he loves his bath!

what a handsome dude!

looks so big sitting up!


  1. Can't believe it's been 6 months! Such a precious gift from above!

  2. Love all the pictures! He is just too cute! When you look at only the eyes, I certainly see Griffin!

  3. Ok..I am so ready to snuggle with that cutie! :)

  4. wow..He is such a cute, i love him so much! :)