Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Today my baby boy turned 3!! Wow! Its been a wild and crazy 3 years for sure! But full of love and hugs and laughter. I'll post an official "3 years old" post next week after our MD appointment when I get all of his updated stats...but for now, here is the start of Griffin's birthday celebrations.

Last night Griffin and I went to the grocery store so that he could pick out his cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles - per his request! And then this morning, Avery and Griffin helped make the cupcakes. I managed to frost them myself while the kids were occupied elsewhere but then let them do the sprinkles.
of course, I had to give both of them a frosting covered knife to lick! (yes, probably should have used a spoon...)

griffin was very intentional in his sprinkle placement. these mini cupcakes are to take to his class at school tomorrow...
We opened presents and had big cupcakes after dinner tonight. Not sure who was more excited, Avery or Griffin! But sissy did really well letting Griffin actually open his own stuff.

a "lightning the queen" sleeping bag

something "spiderman" to satisfy his newest obsession


I LOVE this shot...Griffin staring up at Brent while we were singing Happy Birthday...what a cutie pie!



  1. I love all the cute pictures! Happy Birthday Griffin! I love you and see you soon!

  2. Love the pictures..the Big 3 now Wow!

  3. thanks for bringing him into all of our lives, Mer - we love this little guy soooo much!

  4. Happy Birthday Griffin! Love ya guy!