Sunday, April 3, 2011

Avery's 1st Socer Game

So after going to Griffin's first soccer practice and his first game, Avery was determined that she too would play soccer this spring. So we made a call and they had 1 spot left in her age division! So our little princess in now a soccer player too! (with her pink bow, pink soccer shorts, and pink striped soccer socks...)
She absolutely loved playing! She stuck with the ball the whole time - mainly on the periphery of the "pack" and not too aggressive - but she kind of skipped-hopped the entire time! She was smiling her head off and would wave whenever she ran by Brent or I.

She seems to understand the game and the concept of playing better than little bro, who needs lots of encouragement and reminders about what he is supposed to be doing!!

The weather was freezing for her first game - with wind gusts up to 50 mph! The players seemed to be fine but the crowds were miserable!

(Katelyn, Griff, Coach Leo and Bryce, and Mrs Kim)


  1. Avery looks so cute out there in her pink shorts and striped soccer socks. Way to go Avery!!

  2. LOVE all the pink. Clay is ready for Cenley to play just because of watching the cute little girls in their pink outfits :).