Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Spoiled

Since the kids are on spring break this week, we are spending the week at my parents house. Avery and Griffin get so excited when we come. Within an hour of arriving, they had gone room to room to pull out every toy, book, and dress up item!

Between the swimming pool and just playing outside on the trampoline and the little tractor, the entertainment is limitless! But Nina and Big Daddy added a few surprises for the grand kids to find.


I smiled watching the kids ride these around in the same driveway where my brothers and I spent hours on end doing the same thing...

Last spring when the padres were staying with us waiting on Graham's arrival, Big Daddy made the kids bowls of strawberries and whipped cream. They remember this from time to time and even had daddy make them some Big Daddy hooked them up!

one of my brown eyed boys!

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  1. Yum, i'm going to go whip up some whipped cream and strawberries. Audios!!