Thursday, April 14, 2011

Duke Gardens

The kids and I spent the morning at Duke Gardens with some friends. The weather is absolutely perfect out and the flowers are in full bloom. Lots of good photo ops! We walked/ran/jumped through the gardens and then spread out our blankets in a big grassy field and let the kids run wild. A few jump ropes, balls, and a climbing tree made for great entertainment. We ended the morning at the duck pond...need I mention that Griffin ended up wet?!
our big kids

Shane and Graham, completely occupied by drinkable yogurt containers!

our almost 1 year old - how can it be?

climbing a tree

enjoying the tulips


  1. So beautiful, gotta love em'. I really might go there, it's so PRETTY.

  2. Hey, send me that picture of Avery when you get a chance. I want to tweak it and send it back to you. It's so great! I love it.