Monday, August 22, 2011

Graham Update (overdue!!!)

I seemed to have missed the time for a 15 month update on our little lets count this post as a 16 month one!

This little dude has changed tremendously over the past 3 months. He is now running more, falling less, and can climb like its nobody's business! He loves to be loose and outside; dig in the sand; climb up the slide; and run around with toys hanging out of his mouth.

Graham is our best "eater" and eats as much (literally) as Griffin. We took our time getting rid of bottles but once we settled here in Augusta they disappeared quickly! Now Graham only wants to use Griffin's "Cars" cups and pitches major fits when he sees Griffin with one.

I am mourning the loss of the morning nap, which has suddenly vanished over the past few weeks. That was my time to take a shower and get a project done. Now I just stink and can't accomplish anything!! Thankfully he does take a good 2-3 hour afternoon nap and still goes to bed by 7:00.

Here he is with a cigar. (it does still have the wrapper on it!) Graham is super busy and is always pulling things out of drawers. In fact, I think his favorite pastime is merely emptying drawers. Not playing with what he finds, just throwing it over his shoulder! When we moved in, I had Brent put cabinet locks on only a few cabinets -- but I now want them all locked! I get so tired of picking up tupperware, lunch boxes, glass pyrex, etc...

speaking of emptying cabinets...

Graham is going to "school" one morning a week now. Here he is on his first day. He goes from 9-1 and even eats lunch there. Yeah for mommy! Graham has come leaps and bounds in terms of his separation anxiety. He cries when I leave him but they say he is over it in a few minutes...and he's normally playing happily when I come to get him.

Graham is a very happy and laid back little guy. He does seem to have a temper but I'm still holding out hope that it goes away once he can communicate! But for now, if I can't figure out what he is pointing at or wanting, he runs around screaming and pitching major fits! He absolutely loves Avery and Griffin. They always make him laugh. He is drawn a little more toward Griff - I think he likes the rough house mentality of his big brother! Graham loves to cuddle when he wakes up and when he's getting tired. His all time favorite "lovey" is my hair - he holds onto a handful of it and rubs it between his fingers when he's tired or being rocked.

and when i'm unavailable, he rubs his own hair!

The kids love whipped cream and strawberries, thanks to Big Daddy. Last time I made Avery and Griffin some, Graham had a fit because he wanted some...and once he actually had a bite, he was in heaven!

Graham, you keep us hopping...laughing...frustrated...chasing...smiling...tickling... and on our toes. We love you!