Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Baskets

We have had a great, low key Easter weekend. We stayed in town this year...Friday we had a playgroup party here at our house...we play outside all day Saturday, followed by grilling brawts and eating outside...and today we went to church, had brunch and an egg hunt at the club, and are going to some friends house for dinner. 

 Our littlest Eater Bunny!

 The kids were anxious to find their baskets first thing this morning!  Griff got an Avengers book, Star Wars figurines, and a Superman thermos.

 Graham was hysterical - he did a happy dance all around his basket before even looking in it!  He got a drill, water colors/book,  and a watering can.

 Our big girl got a new "chapter book," a CD with songs she knows from church, and new head bands.  (seems so grown up!)

after the happy dance!

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