Friday, March 29, 2013

PlayGroup Easter Party

We hosted an Easter party for our SBS playgroup friends today. If I counted correctly, we had 19 kids - 16 of them were age 3 and under!!!!  That's  a lot of little people!  We were so blessed that it warmed up enough this morning that we could primarily play outside!

ready for the egg hunt

and he's off!  

The boys were off from school today for Good Friday so I let Avery skip school and stay home for the party. She stuffed lots of eggs and hid almost all of them for me. Graham watched from inside as she hid them  and was beside himself that he couldn't go "pick eggs" - what a mean mommy to make him wait until his friends came! 

Avery and Griffin were the oldest kids at the party so I set a limit on the number of eggs they could get...I wanted all the little guys to have a chance!!  And Graham got over twice as many as the big 2- he was hard core! 

investigating their loot! (griffin, avery, liam, millie)

here are the mommies - avery took our picture! (amanda, rachel, holley, michelle, emily, me, brooke, chris)
this little one loved the plastic  eggs!

Avery and Millie found the dress up stuff and then spent some time decorating foam easter eggs

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