Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

We got back last night from a 9 day trip. We packed lots in to our time away though!  We arrived at Big Daddy and Nina's beach house in Grayton Beach FL on  Friday night a little before 11 PM!  And that was after driving through monsoons for 8 hours. 

This sign hangs outside the front door at the beach house and we tried hard to keep all of these rules each day...

Big Daddy likes to spoil us all...donuts and snow cones for the kids, cappuccino muffin for me, fried seafood for Brent, and homemade key lime pie for us all!! And Nina busted out a homemade Frappaccino recipe that was amazing!!

Our trip went WAY better than anticipated. Those of you with little kids know that the beach is a lot of hard work for the adults and great fun for the kids!!!  But even Brent and I had a great time this year! I think it will get easier each year as more kids can get themselves ready and carry their own junk!  Brent and I haven't braved a beach trip without my parents yet and they are amazing helpers!! (plus they are great partners for cards!)

The kids loved the beach this year. Avery and Griffin spent most of their time in the ocean, catching fish with nets and jumping waves with Brent. Graham got in the ocean a little but also spent lots of time in the sand. Carsyn didn't really like the sand but was super happy when we just sat her in big "puddles" to play in!  

 Carsyn and Nina

 totally loving her puddle!

 watching for fish - they caught tons of fish and crab this year.

 Graham loved taking walks on the beach with Nina, playing with the beach ball, and flying kites.

 and little miss wore herself out!

 Avery remembered having snow cones in previous beach trips so this was her request!

 our oldest beach bum - she stayed super busy catching fish, jumping waves, and cartwheeling down the beach!

I didn't get many actual beach pictures of these 2 because this is what they did the entire time!!

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