Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

Brent was off yesterday so we enjoyed a day of festivities. Despite the clouds and rain showers, we headed to the pool in the morning. We did some swimming and ate a good BBQ lunch. They also had carnival games and bounce houses set up so the kids were thrilled to score lots of junk, I mean prizes. 

We have never taken the kids to see fireworks - I am not a fan of doing something with a lot of work and hassle and having the kids just melt down... But Griffin had really been talking about fireworks and asking to see them, so we took them last night to a parking deck downtown and watched fireworks from there!!  (read: no traffic, no walking 10 minutes to find a place to sit, etc) We went we our friends the Burgners, packed some snacks, and just hung out for a while. 

 This girl is so photogenic!  (just like her sister) and absolutely loves the camera!

 her cheese face

 two of my guys

 this one didn't work

 aren't I a hottie?!

 Griff took this one

 the boys - Parker, Griffin, and Graham - too busy eating to smile

 the girls - Avery, Phoebe, and Ava

 this boy loves his sweets!

Emily and myself with the littles...Anderson and Carsyn


  1. looks like fun. do they have 4 kids as well? and i LOOOOOVE those photos of Carsyn. Sheesh, she is cute!

  2. Always love catching up with you guys. Great to see those smiles on all your faces. J

  3. Love the pictures!! Looks like you all had lots of fun! Hope "all" the kids enjoyed the fireworks!!

  4. Fun! Looks like you found a perfect place to watch the Boom Boom! :)