Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve…we had a traditional McBrayer meal - fondue!  This year we just did cheese fondue (we may need to sneak in a pot of chocolate fondue while we are at the cabin this weekend!). 

 this girl loved her cheese fondue

 ready to open presents from Gammy and cousins
( I like opening gifts one at a time so that I can see what everyone gets and see them enjoy them….this is kind of a challenge with little ones but they did fairly well!)

 Carsyn's first present from Gammy and favorite of the night - a picnic basket

parachute men from the balcony!

 Gammy made all 7 of her grandchildren aprons…aren't they so cute!

 Carsyn opened a box of clothes and wanted them on immediately…by the end of the night, she had her regular clothes, an apron, another shirt and a pair of jeans!

 our gift for Gammy

Graham loves tools - he's very proud of his new blower

We ended the night by sprinkling reindeer food in the yard, putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for reindeer, and the big kids left santa notes….

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