Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at the cabin with Mom/Mike, Haley and Preston and their families.  It was freezing cold outside  - so it made for short 4 wheeler rides and lots of time spent inside! The big kids perfected their checkers, old maid, and go fish games…The women coped with the chaos by spiking their hot apple cider and the men escaped to the woods for some solace while hunting. But fun was had by all!

 carsyn's favorite activity at the cabin is emptying out this cabinet. Its the 1 place in the kitchen where the kids are allowed to dig - and carsyn emptied it out several times an hour. She even discovered she could climb inside and shut the door. 

 Grant is about 6 months younger than Carsyn but pretty close to her size. He is really soft and gentle and would chase her down to hug and kiss her…and she seems to really like him too!

 Grammy was sneaking some Daddy love in their "Roll Tide" shirts. 

 Thanksgiving dinner - The kids table
(3 kids were asleep…)

 This boy loved some pumpkin pie - he managed to get his entire piece on his fork and ate it that way!

 After dinner dance party…the "locomotion" lead by Aunt Hailes….

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