Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I'm Loving Lately - Part II

Avery's "Things I'm Loving Lately" List

1. White Donuts - a few months ago, I discovered my love for "white bagels" when Gammy brought us some at the beach...mommy gets them every now and then and I get so excited every time! they are so messy but oh so yummy!

2. Stickers - I am really into art projects and crafts. I love to paint and do chalk. But more than anything, I love stickers. I would go through and entire pack in one sitting if mommy let me. I stick them on paper and all over myself.

3. Big Girl Cups - I just got some new big girl cups and love to drink out of them. I have to drink very slowly but I can do it. My favorite part about big girl cups is that I can have a cup of milk to dip my graham crackers in! (my favorite bedtime snack!)

4. My butterfly dress - I always request to wear this dress when mommy says we're going some where. So I've been wearing it a lot lately! I love to go up to anyone (especially strangers) and show them my pretty dress and sandals.

5. So You Think You Can Dance - This is my favorite TV show. I get to stay up a little late on wednesday nights so that I can watch some of this. I always have to put my "princess" clothes on so that I can look like all the dancers. I spin around, break dance, and sometimes make mommy and daddy dance with me!


  1. aw i LOVE "things i'm loving lately" posts, and this one i think is my favorite of all! So cute, Merritt. i really miss my sweet little niece.

  2. Hey Merritt! Glad you found ours. I'm not very blog savvy but I try. :) I do love that they are girly! I wouldn't want it any other way. We will have to trade dancing stories. Ever since she went to my neice's recital, she asks, "can we go to my recital today?"