Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Derby Party

Saturday evening we went to a Derby Party with the medical alliance. It was a progressive dinner between 3 yards! We had appetizers at the Zerdens, dinner at the Likes, and dessert at the Helms. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast running between yards. Graham made his public debut and did great! He stayed awake and happy for the first 2 hours...then had some grub and slept through the rest of the evening.

Graham's big outing

Lisa Zerden's birthday was Saturday as well so we had a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. All of the kids were gathered around the cake and candles while we sang. As soon as Lisa blew out the candles Griffin took a big bite out of the side of the cake. It was hysterical but the crowd response either scared or embarrassed him and he busted out crying!
The Likes have a mini corn hole set that the kids absolutely love. We definitely need to get one of these! Griffin and Creighty really got into their game. Note the coaches (AKA dads) on the sidelines!

note creighty's tongue!


  1. wow, these pictures are incredible! sounds like fun.

  2. Can't believe you already out partying! It takes me a few months to get going. Impressive :).

  3. I love all of the pictures of Graham and the stories of Avery and Griffin! I hope to meet the little man soon!