Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for both kids. I went up to Epworth at 11 so I could celebrate with each of their classes.

Griffin's class has been talking about "carnivals" all month so today they had their own "Lovie Parade." The kids decorated a shoe box as if it were a boxcar in a circus train. They tied strings on them and pulled their "lovies" around the school! It was so cute!

Lovie Parade
One of Griffin's teachers - Mrs. Amanda
Avery's class celebrated all of the summer birthdays today. They had cupcakes and juice boxes and crowns for all 5 of the birthday kids.
eating her birthday cupcake
Avery and Mrs. Gayle

Avery and Mrs. Leah
Both of the kids had absolutely wonderful teachers this year. They loved school and their teachers and always looked forward to going. It was fun to watch them learn over the course of the year, both academically and socially. We are already looking forward to school again this fall!


  1. a lovie parade, what has this world come to. . .

  2. a lovie parade! adorable. it stinks i dont get to celebrate my bday at school. BOO! hey Brent!