Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going Away Party for the Likes

This weekend was really busy - we had a going away party for the Likes, a birthday party, Avery's dance recital, and a "baby celebration" with our small group. Many blogs and pictures will follow!

On Friday night, the Zerden's hosted a pot-luck going away dinner for the Likes. Creighton and Christa are dear friends and we will miss them tons. Creighton did residency in Greenville with Brent and is just completing a fellowship here at Duke. They have 2 children who are almost exactly the ages and sex of our we have lots in common and have spent lots of time together through the years. Christa was my " link" to the world and my social planner once we arrived in Durham! We have spent many days at parks, playgrounds, the pool, dance class, preschool, and family-friendly cookouts. We love you guys!

Creighton is a major Duke fan - this cake is classic...

These are my dearest friends here in Durham. (Kim, Christa, and Lisa)

the kiddos enjoying their dinner

One cool thing about our friends here is that when we are all together, everyone takes care of everyone's kids. We cut their food, get their juice, redirect them , entertain and play with them, and love them as our own. And we all know that Griffin takes as many people as possible to keep up with him! Here is Kim loving on Graham.

This is Texas style corn-hole. JR brought this over - it is called bombat washers - you throw washers in the holes...the guys loved it!


  1. After this long, its hard to imagine life without the Likes. . . We will miss you guys!

  2. Thanks Parnell Family! I am teary eyed reading this. You are so right how we all take care of each other- it is a group of friends we love dearly and will miss terribly.

  3. FUN! All of your children look amazing!