Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures of Graham

Its hard to believe that Graham will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! Its definitely been a busy 2 weeks though...

Avery and Griffin have been wonderful with Graham - I've really been surprised. They are both extremely attentive to him and come tell me the instant he makes a peep. Griffin is quick to offer his solution to the crying - " graham needs milk....graham is cold...graham is all done swinging..." We've even caught him singing his version of Jesus Loves Me to baby Graham - it is precious!

Avery has been a big helper. She has helped bathe Graham and helped give him a bottle. She has done lots of little errand running for mommy as well - getting burp cloths, diaper, pacifiers, etc. She is also really into the "nursing" thing. She is so curious how everything works and asks lots of intelligent questions. She has announced to several people that " Mommy has milk in her boobies!"

I've tried to keep Graham close at hand or up where the kids can't get to him too quickly - like in the pack-n-play...but one afternoon he was on the couch in the boppy because only Avery was awake. I ran (literally) into the kitchen to grab something and I hear her announce, "Mommy, I am strong enough to pick Graham up all by myself!" My heart skipped a beat as I ran back to the living room. She had moved him from the boppy to a spot next to her on the couch!!!

sleeping in the boppy


Brent has been working overtime for the past several weeks. He has been amazing! He is calling himself a soccer-dad! He has taken kids to school, dance, birthday parties, church, etc. He has bathed, fed, and put them to bed repeatedly. He has grocery shopped, cooked, and entertained the kids so that I can nap. He has also waited on me and made sure I was well taken care of. I couldn't have survived without him! Thanks honey! Not sure what I'll do when you go back to work today!


  1. Beautiful pictures Merritt! I wish I could hold them and help you with the kids!

  2. thanks for all the details! i love it!

  3. I am anxious to hear how it goes with 3 this week by yourself! At least you have the 2 little helpers :). I am so nervous when that day comes.

  4. Awww! Congratulations on the new little addition to your family! Graham is soo adorable and he has a great big sister and brother! Let me know if you want me to take Avery and Griffin to the park sometime to give you a break :). Glad to see you all are doing well!

  5. HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! He looks just like Griffy did! You are so lucky to have a kid like him? Does he cry a lot?