Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Avery's Class "Field Trip"

Today Avery's preschool class had their first "field trip." All of the kids got picked up early (11:30) from school and met at a near-by playground for a picnic with every one's families. Lunch was quick and only half-eaten since the playground was beckoning the children.

This playground has a little area with water fountains and lots of mud/sand...why didn't I bring bathing suits??? The kids wore their clothes, getting soaking wet and covered in sand from head to toe...but they loved every minute of it!!!
can't you just hear the giggles?
griffin isn't a huge fan of "water in the eyes" but that didn't stop him! (note the stick-in-hand...he's such a collector!)
Hopefully, this outing will equate to LONG afternoon naps!


  1. Fun! I know you were worn out too, hopefully you will get to partake in nap time :).

  2. That looked like lots of fun! What a great field trip!!!!!

  3. That is the best field trip in the world. My field trips are to museums. :(