Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Play Date

We were really blessed with the friends we made through Avery's school class last year. There are a lot of wonderful families that we have all enjoyed hanging out. Most of them have girls - all into princesses and everything like avery is. One family has a little boy Griffin's age and they love each other and get so excited to have another boy to play with. Fortunately, a lot of her classmates will be in her class again this year. One family hosted a pre-school play date for her class today at their house. Can't wait for Wednesday to get here so we can start school!

shane and graham

emma, kaylee, avery


  1. Looks as though Graham has a play mate too! The girls look so cute in their princess dresses.

  2. I so wish I had a play group..ours kind of broke away. And each one of your kids has a kid his age! So wonderful!