Friday, September 24, 2010

Griffin's Favorite Activity

Griffin has a new favorite activity...."cutting pieces!" He loves to use his little scissors and just dice paper...he normally will do this for 30+ minutes at a time. He was working on this while I cooked dinner Wednesday night and he literally sat there for a solid hour!!!

He's very good with his hands - maybe a future surgeon like daddy? He normally uses his left hand but can also cut with his right. I've been giving him our junk mail to cut - I know this isn't recycling Hannah, but does it count as re-purposing or reusing?!


  1. Such concentration!! Really good for those little hands!

  2. wow. i'm with marie - that cutie has amazing concentration. what a smartie, he is! and i think that junk mail turned into art/education is a wonderful purpose!!

  3. oh hannnah (: griffy is the cutest person in THE WORLD !