Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mud Pies

I have many fond memories of playing in the creek, making mud pies, creating cups out of "clay," etc. while growing up. We lived on several acres so we were surrounded by woods where we could hike and play in our own little world outside all day. Sometimes, we would pack our backpacks and just see how long we could last without going back to the house.

I had to laugh at Avery and Griffin as they made a "new" discovery yesterday...making mud! They started out just mixing in a little dirt into the water that they had put in Griffin's dump truck...and they just continued on until they had thick, pasty mud! My first reaction was NO! but then I thought, "they are only kids once!" So have at it!
Here are the results:

The shower was disastrous when they got out....and if their teacher looked too closely at their hair this morning they would have still found a lot of sand and dirt! But boy did they have a blast!


  1. You are Brave! I am not letting Cooper see these pictures :). I bet they had a good "shower" outside first! Fun times.

  2. wow wow wow. what cuties. and what a sweet mommy.

  3. that is so cute. cute and more cute! there are so awesomeee (: i love playing in mud w/ no flies hahahahha.

  4. Looks like Avery won with the most mud!! I love that you let them get down and dirty!!