Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I almost titled this post "Slacker" - I haven't posted much of anything in forever. I haven't really even thought about posting something. Sorry to disappoint.

I cringe at the thought of even considering myself as being "slack." I feel like I run my butt off each and every day. I consider it a good day when I get laundry done, meals cooked, kids cared for, and maybe an errand run. Life these days has left little time or energy for anything. And I'm tired. Really tired. I realized this morning that I haven't been away from the kids in 16 months. That is 16 months of working all 24 hour shifts. Yikes.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts! On another note, the big kids are doing great. They are in a fun phase and enjoy just about everything. We've enjoyed some great weather lately and have spent hours at different playgrounds with friends. Its nice that they can run and climb and do almost everything themselves - and I no longer have to follow Griff around for fear he'd fall off of something or bite someone, etc!

Avery and Griffin are really "into" their friends and it is so fun to see those relationships develop. They get sooo excited to see friends and Avery makes pictures for her friends on a daily basis. (she'd be heartbroken to know that 1/2 of her artwork ends up in the trash can....she makes oodles and oodles of it!!)

Graham has kept me on my toes recently- his sleeping has been disastrous (thanks to ear infections) but that should be squared away on March 14 when he gets tubes! I can't wait!! Graham keeps me on my toes with his constant activity as well! Thankfully, he is fairly well balanced and doesn't keep a bruised forehead these days. He is cruising around stuff and can walk across the room with his push-walker toy. And he recently discovered the stairs and can shimmy right on up them!

Brent is thrilled to have his first real job lined up and is busy trying to get his GA license and all of that mess. He has a lighter month at work during March and is enjoying that. He is trying to get back into the routine of running and has his next race in April. Brent spent much of February doing projects around the house and getting it ready to sell. We have had it on the market for a few weeks now and have had a few lookers. We are trusting that God has a perfect buyer in mind and will bring them at the perfect time. So for now, we strive to keep this place relatively clean and picked up, which sometimes proves to be a losing battle!!

As previously stated, this mommy is tired and in need of a break...but I am really looking forward to all this next phase in life will bring. I can't wait to settle in somewhere for more than a few years. I can't wait to decorate our house. I can't wait to explore a new area. And I really can't wait to be close to family!! I am really trying to embrace life right now - take time out to kick the soccer ball with Griffin, color pictures with Avery, and snuggle up with Graham. I know these days will be gone all too quickly.

I'll attempt to be a little more consistent in my blogging...but no promises!!!


  1. Patrick has learned to cut snowflakes out of paper. Oodles and oodles of them which means trillions of those little bits of paper EVERYWHERE. Just when I get it all picked up an vacuumed, he hits another cutting streak! It the first thing he does when he walks in the door and the last thing he does before he goes to bed. I just threw a whole bunch of them in the trash finally this week! Whew!

  2. I feel you girl! I couldn't imagine trying to keep the house up to the standards of trying to sell! Keeping you in my prayers that the house will sell fast :).

  3. you have such pretty children! and you are not a slacker!