Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Those of you that know Brent, know that he loves "all things salty." Sadly enough, he does NOT have my sweet tooth...however, Griffin definitely has my sweet tooth and Avery has a mild sweet tooth...but it looks like Graham maybe leaning towards Brent's taste preferences...


  1. That is to precious. Actually, ironically, I remember Brent being a HUGE fan of cucumbers as a kid too.

  2. He seems to be doing some major work on that pickle! Too cute! Looks like that gallon jar of pickles may be empty a little sooner than before!

  3. My parents had to limit me to one a day as a kid. So naturally I opted for the jars that had the largest pickles you could find and we did buy them by the gallon! That's my boy!