Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Soccer Star

Griffin is playing soccer this spring - his first experience with "organized" sports. He had his first game on Saturday. I had to work so Brent took all 3 this blog is "according to Brent"... Griffin had an absolute ball. He ran full speed ahead the entire time. He was pretty aggressive about getting the ball. He scored twice - once in the wrong goal; once in the wrong goal on the wrong field - but he was proud of himself none-the-less! He was thrilled with his "soccer shorts" and his "leg things." He'll be equally thrilled when their team shirts arrive. I think he looked absolutely adorable! Sad I missed it but glad that there are many more games to come.
Coach Chad and a few teammates

after the ball - eye on the prize!

little goalie


  1. It was great, but Merritt forgot to mention that it was 42 degrees and raining! We had a blast though.

  2. Love the pictures! He looks so cute and ready to get after that ball!

  3. I think the superman shirt is quite appropriate. I mean, any body can score in the right goal, but to score on another field, now that takes skills. This is the beginning of LOTS of fun for you guys. We love it.

  4. I think he's throwing an elbow in one of the pictures! He IS getting the hang of it.

  5. WHO WON!?
    Glad he is getting some great fun tucked in!