Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

One of my favorite things that we have done since we've been here in Durham is having dinner with friends fairly regularly. Its not practical for us to try to go out anywhere and actually enjoy we normally cook out at someones house.

We have already been enjoying the warmer weather and extra hours of sunshine! The Runkle family had us over for burgers and hot dogs this weekend. The kids burned their energy outdoors and the adults enjoyed some conversation!

not sure where this seductive look came from...

griffy boy!

the girls, always in costume!

Graham crawled around and did his own thing - no more baby for us!! And doesn't he look so big???


  1. Oh my! He is too big! Tell Brent to post a video of him walking! So glad that spring is here too!

  2. He is HUGE! Oh wow, that is a seductive face.