Monday, August 1, 2011

Fancy Nancy

Brent's mom gave Avery this Fancy Nancy Tea Party book a few years ago...we read it regularly and Avery studies its pages frequently.

For several days now she has talked about wanting to have a tea party. I thought that I'd let her plan one for the 2 of us to have during the boys' naps today - but she insisted on having more people! Since we don't know a soul here in Augusta, I was able to convince her that its ok to invite boys! (AKA Daddy and Griffin!). So she planned a tea party for our dinner. She decorated the table; placed jewel stickers on plastic silverware and then wrapped it in a napkin; place doilies on our plates; and she even planned our menu!

Very proud of all her ideas and planning

All of the food ideas were things Avery read in her book and just HAD to do - "fancy" toothpicks with fruit; strawberries and creme; and cupcakes. And yes, she requested candles and that we sing " Happy Tea Party!"

fruit kabobs

Avery cut out butterflies and colored them and put them on our plates. But then insisted that we place a doilie over it!

She wanted to decorate the table with all of her lovies.

So our first Fancy Nancy tea party was a success! I'm sure there will be more in our future...


  1. I love that!! So cute! I love the Eat More Chicken doll :).

  2. i love Fancy Nancy, must i say she is so gorgeous!