Thursday, August 18, 2011


We are continuing to settle into life and establish our new routines as the school year has begun.

Avery has had a harder time than I expected adjusting to kindergarten - she doesn't like "going everyday" - I think she is afraid she is going to miss out on something that the boys and I do. She also says that she " doesn't like to just sit so much." And I think she is getting tired quicker - she's done fine Monday-Wednesday both weeks but melts down by Thursdays! Her teachers are wonderful and keep her busy and she loves it once she's there. Griffin is a little lost on the days Sissy is at school. I've tried to keep him busy and give him a little extra TLC and encourage him to learn to play by himself! Griffin is enjoying school. He goes M/W/F. He gets to go out on the playground twice a day which is great for him....but he also has 15 minutes of "quiet reading time" - sitting alone and quiet on a towel while looking at books - in his words: "its just boring. and I just can't be quiet." : ) Graham goes one morning a week. For my sake more than his! It just guarantees that I will have a few hours to make appts, get a haircut, or accomplish something!!

Avery started ballet this week at Columbia County Ballet. Its a little different than she is used to. They only do ballet at the studio and instead of a recital, they do a performance of the Lion. the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We'll see how it goes!

Avery has been dying to take gymnastics for over a year now and we promised her that once we moved, we would sign her up. They gym where she is going offers a "mighty mights" class for Griffins age that meets the same time as Avery's we are giving it a whirl. Griff wasn't too thrilled with his first class so hopefully it will get better! Avery on the other hand, loved her class!

During the last 3 weeks, I have spent more time "running errands" than I have in the last 12 months!! I am finally feeling caught up and that I have my feet under me again! I've also been busy spending Brent's hard earned money - we ordered furniture and bedding/curtains for Griffin's room; bedding for Avery; and a new kitchen table for mommy! I am excited! I'm anxious to meet some fellow moms and make some friends - all day with just me and kids gets a little old!! I am joining a Biblestudy thru Christian Medical Dental Association next week so hope to meet some women thru that. (thats the group that I met Brent through.)

Brent is enjoying work and getting into his groove there. He is a little antsy and anxious to be busy but building a practice will take some time! His spare time is spent keeping our big yard in pristine condition. Lots of mowing, spraying weeds, and picking up pine cones/sticks from the grass.

Avery and Griffin have been spending lots of time on their bikes and getting good at riding. Griffin definitely needs a big boy bike - he rides Avery's when she's not around!

This is what my Tuesday/Thursday mornings look like while Avery is in school!

We are enjoying being closer to Atlanta and family. I've made it home once with the kids and we are headed to the cabin this weekend. It is nice!

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