Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

Its hard to believe that summer is over and school is here! Unlike a lot of moms, I am thrilled for school to start! Not that I don't love my children dearly...but the last few weeks here in Augusta have been LONG and HOT! Plus, the kids have been super anxious to have friends to play with and are tired of running errands with mommy!

Avery started kindergarten today. That does make me a little sad - its weird to think that most of our play dates and outings will not include her. I am thankful that she is only going 1/2 day though. We'll still have afternoons together. She has been so excited to start school, meet friends, learn to read, etc. She woke me up at 3 AM this morning - she initially said she was scared but when I took her down to her room, she smiled and started asking me questions about school. I think she was just awake and excited!

My girly girl picked out her own dress, hair bow, and necklace for her big day!

Griffin wasn't as excited about school but he was still excited. Griff is going 3 mornings a week, from 9-1. When I picked him up today and asked him about his first day of school, he told me about lunch and playing in the gym - what a boy!!

he insisted on a "silly shot!"

My BIG boy!

Mommy and Graham enjoyed a morning of errand running! Much easier with just 1 child in tow! Mommy is looking forward to Wednesday morning when Graham goes to "school" - I might see a Starbucks and a pedicure in my near future!


  1. So grown up!! I think half day sounds perfect. I just know they loved it :). Cooper is really wanting to see his Griffin!

  2. Starbucks in your future, lucky.
    Avery looks so bella!

  3. We asked Patrick if he was excited about school and he said he hopes Addie and Avery are in his class!

  4. Hope you enjoy the 1-on-1 defense! Avery's dress!