Thursday, August 2, 2012

End of Summer

Its hard to believe that summer is just about over. The kids start school on Tuesday already. I asked each of them what they still wanted to do before school started - like a "last request." Avery wanted to go to the mall - so we did that last week- we played on the playground, got cookies, and she spent some of her birthday money at Build a Bear. Griffin wanted to go to the pool - so we managed to squeeze 2 more trips to the pool in. Graham wants to go to the beach with Nina and Big Daddy - pretty sure that request can't be filled!

I have taken all 4 kids to the pool a few times this summer. My first attempt was very stressful and exhausting but our trips got better as the summer progressed! For my sanity and their safety, the boys HAVE to keep their vests on at all times. And I just keep my eye on Avery. And thankfully, Carsyn has napped at the pool the last few trips.

 Graham tends to spend as much time eating as he does swimming...

 and here is how Carsyn does the pool
(FYI, she's in the shade and under a ceiling fan...)

sun bathing during "adult swim"

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