Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome Party for Dr. Barbara!

We broke in our new deck this weekend with a welcome party for Brent's new partner - Dr. Barbara. We had a southern BBQ - Brent smoked a boston butt and 2 beer butt chickens...we had southern green beans, corn/tomato salad, and watermelon...and the meal was made complete with sweet tea, lemonade, and apple pie!

Our kids love Barb and she is such a good sport with them - they surrounded her, each wanting to show her their newest tricks, favorite dress (avery), how they could draw (griff), their sticks (graham), etc....

 Brent and Barb

 enjoying their BBQ

 Kelli, giving mommy's arms a break from Carsyn

enjoying their meal!

Brent and I enjoyed hosting everyone and having it all outside was wonderful. All of the kids played great so the adults were able to eat and carry on conversations without worrying about the little people! We look forward to having many more gatherings!!

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  1. so glad that your get together for Barbara turned out. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.