Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our New Porch

Our house originally had 3 separate porches scattered across the back of our house with 3 doors leading inside/outside. The decks were different heights and disconnected and not too we decided to renovate it. We built one deck that spans the length of the entire back of the house. It is also 3 feet wider so that there is room to walk around the table without falling off the deck! This project took a lot longer than expected but we are very pleased with the final result!

 demo done and framing begun

 working on the roof

 columns go up

celing going up

iron railings installed

the final result

 sitting area with TV

 table for 6! (I forsee many a family meal around this table!)

Our entry way - we took the glass doors off of 2 of the doors...much easier to maneuver.