Thursday, August 30, 2012

Play Date!

When living in Durham, we had play dates all the time - like multiple a week.  I had a lot of good friends with children around our kids ages. It was wonderful and prevented some of the boredom, loneliness, and monotony of being a stay at home mom. I realize that I don't talk a lot, but just being with people and a part of conversations with adults is really good for my sanity. On the contrary, the first 8-9 months here in Augusta were spent mostly with just the kids and I. I didn't really have good friends yet. But starting in the spring and progressing thru the summer, we have started having some more play dates.

Now that both of the big kids are in school everyday, its fun to start afresh and do some things/activities targeted for Graham. Several of my friends here have children age 3 and under. Today we had 2 my friends from Bible study over - both of whom have 2 year olds who are in Graham's class at Bible study. Plus Lydia has a 3 week old brother and Parker is about to be a big brother - so Carsyn will have some new friends too! Graham was really excited and everyone had fun. We played out back and enjoyed some lunch together.

 Lydia, Graham, Parker

 lunch time!

 the boys put many miles on the mowers today!

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  1. We did have some awesome and frequent playdates!