Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Carsyn is 8 months!

 This little squirt is a little over 8 months old already. As you can see in this picture, she has inherited the Parnell tongue sticking out trait!  

Carsyn continues to be our highest maintenance child!!  She is super attached to mommy and screams bloody murder when I am not in sight. She is super obsessed with my hair and loves to grab it, hold it, or rub her face with it. I am soon to have 2 bald spots where Carsyn pulls out handfuls of hair multiple times a day. She decided over the past 2 months that she likes Brent and will hang out with him in short intervals, but she dives for me if I am anywhere near.  The cardiologist says that a major complaint of infants with PA stenosis is irritability - so we are anxious to see if her temperament changes after her valve is fixed or if she is just an ill-tempered child!!!  Her cath is January 24 so you can be praying for us that day! 

Carsyn is still enthralled with her siblings and they are pretty good at calming her down and entertaining her. When she is sitting in the bouncy chair, Graham sits in her lap facing her and she just laughs at him. When a stranger smiles or talks to her, she looks to me with a "is this ok?" face before returning their smile. Carsyn is working hard to figure out how to crawl. Currently, she just scoots herself backwards constantly. She has been doing a lot of "downward dog and upward dog" lately so I think crawling is in our near future. 

Carsyn was sleeping thru the night 1/2 the time at 4 months old but hasn't really slept well since then!!  This week has been an improvement with only waking up once most nights!!  Naps are consistent though so that is nice!

 yoga time

 loving those blue eyes and sweet smile

Again, no personal space for child #4!!


  1. Love those big beautiful blue eyes!!! Couldn't believe when I looked at the picture with her tongue out. Definitely taking after Dad!

  2. She is so cute!! Finally got the blue eyes with Baby 4. Is that blonde hair I see?