Friday, January 25, 2013

Edventures Childrens Museum

Last Monday Brent was off from work and kids were out of school, so we drove to Columbia SC (about 1 hour away) and spent a few hours at the children's museum there. It was perfect for our kids ages. The downstairs had a huge area call "world of work" that was sectioned off by different categories - firetruck, farming area with tractor and a milk production line, grocery store complete with cash registers and check out lines, construction site, etc. Lot of hands on stuff for kids to do. This was our kids favorite and they could have spent endless hours in this one exhibit!

no surprise, but grahams favorite was the firetruck and tractor!

just like big daddy's tractor

milk comes from where???

using hand pedals to move the bulldozer

daddy gave Avery a lesson in robotic surgery

the biggest game of operation ever!


  1. I love all all the kid's museums. They all have such fun things and yet very educational for the kids. Great place to be able to take them!! Looks like they all had fun!

  2. We did this in St. Paul and they had a whole town. The sushi house restaurant kitchen was buzzing much like I imagine a real kitchen would be. People everywhere, crash of dishes and people sweeping and cleaning up after each other. And the crutches from the clinic were some of the favorites. Some little mail man was going around delivering mail the whole time. Fascinating for them to experience and for me to be a fly on the wall.