Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Jasper

 This was the year for all of my siblings to get together for Christmas...we only attempt this every 3 years...this year, everyone but Landon and Hannah made it - they are just 2 weeks away from their due date with their first little girl. So we had 14 adults and 15 children at the cabin. Lots of noise, lots of laughter, and lots of fun! 
 Aeneas (justin's 2nd) and Griffin were shepherds in our nativity. 

 Attempted family pic with nina and big daddy on Christmas Eve

 caught one of her few smiling moments!  (carsyn did lots of crying and little sleeping while at the cabin)

 Santa came to see the kids on Christmas Eve, bearing headlamps and books for the boys

 and flashlights and books for the girls. 

 Santa's delivery for Christmas morning

 look - pyotes! (graham language for coyotes!)

 Santa brought Griffin an adventure set with a vest, binoculars, and a bug collection set

 "swimming"  in the hot tub (greenlee -garretts 1st; patrick - justins 1st; avery, griffin; aeneas - justins 2nd)

 more of our nativity (Patrick was Joseph; Avery an angel; Addison and Saeran - Peyton's oldest 2 - were angels as well. 

Greenlee was Mary; grant - Haley's 2nd was Jesus; and Kale - Preston's 1st was a wise man.

 Carsyn's first Christmas

 Nina and Big Daddy with all of their grand kids except Carsyn - she was actually sleeping and we didn't dare disturb her! 

 Patrick and Avery had so much fun together...and did lots of dance shows for us. 

 this boy loved presents!

Merry Christmas!

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