Saturday, January 19, 2013

Upward Basketball

I'll preface this blog by saying that I just got a new computer - a MAC - and I'm not very proficient on it!!!  So my blogging is slow coming but should pick up the pace eventually!!

 We are currently letting Griffin give basketball a try. He's playing in the Upward league - right by the house, practice and game on Saturday mornings with no weeknight commitment, and focus is on sports and Biblical character traits. Its a great way to expose the kids to different sports. Griffin is enjoying basketball but hasn't really grasped any strategy yet!!  He did get the ball and attempt a shot today so that was exciting!  
 our smiley dude!

since there was no weeknight commitment, Brent is helping coach this season. 

the kids are taught a man-to-man defense so they each have a color placed on their shoulder and before playing, they line up facing the person on the opposing team that has their same color. 

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