Monday, April 29, 2013

Grahams Touch-A-Truck party

Those of you who know Graham, know that he loves trucks, tractors, and all things with wheels!!  So I had a wild idea to have a touch-a-truck party for him where kids were able to sit and play on all sorts of vehicles....not sure of how to pull it  off, I did some investigating and phone calling...Graham's 3rd birthday party was the result! 

We  invited his friends from his Bible study class, friends from playgroup, and 3 friends from school. We had a huge turn out! I was able to get a bobcat, small excavator, firetruck, police car, and four wheeler for the party. We had it at the kids school so we were able to use the playground as well. And thank the Lord, the rain stopped for exactly the length of the party!!

Griff on the fire truck

Avery, driving the excavator

Big Daddy, handcuffed and in the police car

Birthday Boy and Daddy by the firetruck!

Daddy is in trouble now!

Avery and her boyfriend (AKA Lucas!)

Graham and Brooks on the four wheeler

Cupcake time!  (I will say that Graham disappeared early on in the party and I found him eating a cupcake all by himself!)

Happy Birthday to our 3 year old!


  1. What a fun birthday party!! Gammy wishes that I could have been there! So glad that you had such a good time!