Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break - Day 1

The kids are out of school this week for  Masters Week  - known to other cities as Spring Break! We are in town - Brent is working - and we are getting to go to the Masters on Saturday...but that leaves a lot of days with all 4 kids at home!  All off us do better if we have some form of scheduled activity so my goal is to take them on an outing of some sort everyday...

Day one was kids choice - and their favorite place to go is Monkey Joes...I can't quite handle Graham and Carsyn there by myself since Graham needs constant supervision and needs help climbing up some of the slides...so one of our babysitters came with us! 

 My big two!  (avery is pouting because I said she could only spend "2 of her dollars" on video games!!)

 Pretty sure Graham gave Haley a workout!!  She and I took turns being on Graham or Carsyn duty!

 this little wild thing wanted down - but had to stand over her so she didn't get trampled by big kids!

 We got Icees as a little treat (per avery's request) but neither of the boys liked theirs!!

best part of monkey joes = worn out kids!!

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