Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break - Day 5!

We survived our week at home!! (really, I should say that I survived a week of no school with all the kids!)

 Our plans for today were to go to a park that has fountains that kids can play in - but we woke up to clouds and rain!!  So plan B was the mall. Not too exciting for me but the kids always enjoy going. We don't even go into a single store - so its not a shopping trip!  But there are  car rides, a train to ride, a playground, and cookies!  I packed a lunch today so we ate out of our  lunch boxes in the food court and then the kids picked out a cookie at the Great American Cookie Co.

 This train is pretty cool and Graham has a fit to ride it. It goes around the bottom floor of the mall for about 5 minutes per ride. Avery wanted the front seat today...

and the boys wanted the caboose!

These cars run off of I give everyone a set amount (enough for 2 rides) and let them at it!  Avery and Griffin teamed up today and shared each of their rides!

the tow truck is grahams favorite

 The playground. Even Carsyn got to participate today!

I must admit that I am excited that tomorrow these 4 will be with a babysitter while Brent and I head to the Masters for the day!  

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  1. Good Job, Merritt! You did it! That's a super cool Mall :).