Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visit from Friends

Some of our dearest friends in Durham were Keri and Leo Fitzsimmons. Keri and I met when the girls were in 3 year old preschool together. We noticed that we had boys the same age so decided to have a playdate while the girls were in school. Who knew that playdate would lead to life long friends!

The Fitzsimmons came to visit last weekend. They have 3 kids that are the same age and gender as ours...so everyone has a friend and they play great together! 

Kaylee and Avery worked hard planning a tea party. 

they even did our hair and makeup!

the big boys came to the tea party only briefly - but were quickly dismissed because (in kaylee's words) they were burping, slurping, and not eating with their pinkies up!

carsyn enjoyed some sweet potatoes at the tea party!

we filled the wheelbarrow with water, turned on the sprinkler, and handed out water guns one afternoon!

the girls made up dances to praise songs

this one is for you keri!

Brent cook beer butt chicken for dinner and we enjoyed the evening out back.

avery and kaylee

our 2 year olds - refused to sit next to each other to have their picture taken!
Graham and Shane

Bryce and Griffin

everyone but Carsyn!

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